Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Tumblr launched a bookclub :: The reblog bookclub.

Launched today, the first book up is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, I haven't read this piece of young adult fiction, but can share the basics I gleaned from about the interweb: Cath is an ultimate fan of the Simon Snow series, an obsession that rules her lifestyle and one she initially shared with her twin sister - when they drew away from reality during a difficult domestic time. Now, she must find a life for her own as she starts college, finds her twin does not want to room with her, and that her professor does not appreciate fan fiction.

The choice of book is apt as it fits well with the Tumblr demographic. But, what makes this format interesting is firstly, that you can share text, images, videos and whatever, and secondly, you can post these with a reblog, meaning that you are not sharing in isolation, but as a dialogue (multilogue?). The choice of book and use of Tumblr is covered well in this LA Times article.

Already there is prolific posting including video reviews and montages of who they would cast as characters were the book to be made a movie. Fangirl sure has won reblogbookclub... fans.

Don't forget to visit Booktagger blog on tumblr for bookish eye candy.

The Man Booker prize shortlist came out yesterday, doubling as a reading list for summer in Sydney. I confess to not have read any of the current list, but it did remind me to put Room, from 2010, in my suitcase for an upcoming beach holiday.

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